Posted on January 16, 2013 · Posted in Qualitative Research, Research Report, Video Reports

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions.

Consider the quotes that are included in many qualitative research reports – they serve to support the findings that are summarized in the report. Now think about hearing those quotes and seeing the accompanying facial expressions and the story becomes that much more rich and descriptive.

While a qualitative market research report is very valuable and can capture all of the details of the research findings, many of our clients have found that an accompanying video report makes the research results even more memorable. It brings the research to life and allows our clients to experience the respondents in real-time and in their own voices – literally bringing quotes to life. In short, we have found that there is even more impact when respondents are heard and seen.

I am sure that many of you have watched videos of focus groups, where the camera is set up in the back room, focused on the 6-8 respondents involved in the research. It is hard to really see all of the respondents, let alone their body language and facial expressions. In order to do a video report, we work with skilled and trained videographers who focus their camera on the respondent providing the feedback providing a clear picture of the respondents non-verbal queues.

Capturing the video is usually the easy part, however turning what has been captured into a memorable story that provides actionable results is the real challenge. Taking multiple focus groups and distilling them into 6-8 minutes of interesting video clips that capture the research’s essence and tell an interesting story is our goal. We review all of the group video footage looking for the most representative clips and also find the respondents who best articulated the sentiments of the overall discussion. The end goal is to have a video that supports the research findings and provides a memorable and impactful visualization of the research and most importantly leads to actionable results for our clients.

About the Author

Kathrin heads up our market analytics department and has over 12 years of qualitative market research experience including study design, data analysis, and presenting research results to executives worldwide. She also has extensive quantitative market research experience. Kathrin’s primary focus is delivering GEM clients clear, actionable insight from the research projects that the firm leads.