Company History

GEM Research Solutions is a full-service market research firm that has been providing innovative market research solutions to clients worldwide since 2002. Over the past decade we have designed hundreds of customized research studies and spoken with or surveyed over 1000 employees, customers and executives.

Our research experience is stemmed in corporate research departments, which has provided us a platform for understanding the challenges that face our clients. It is this experience that drove us to make the following characteristics fundamental to GEM’s research philosophy:

  • Strong Research and Thought Partnership
  • Marketplace Experience
  • Actionable Insight

In 2002, GEM was established to bring quality research primarily to the financial services and banking industries in order to help clients grow businesses, products and people through the application of the above philosophies. While GEM remains grounded in these philosophies, we have successfully expanded into additional industries, while partnering with some of the most impressive and innovative researchers and applying a wide range of traditional and innovative research techniques.

Of special note, as a company that cherishes its past and welcomes its future, Jack Tatar, Founder of GEM, would like to highlight, that prior to creating GEM, Jack was mentored and taught the science of qualitative research by Socrates Nicholas, who is a ‘living legend’ in market research.  Jack continues to uphold the highest quality ethics and research standards that he was taught by Socrates and values these teachings to this day.

We look forward to the next decade.