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Bulletin Boards

In traditional qualitative research, the usual equation is ‘Engaged Respondents = Valuable Insights‘. That equation also applies to online bulletin boards but the flexibility that bulletin boards introduce makes them an incredible research resource of rich learnings at a lower cost.

In short, online bulletin boards are moderated, online discussions that take place over a longer period of time with recruited participants. Since bulletin boards are asynchronous, they represent many simultaneous conversations and therefore also the possibility to capture a lot of data.

Here are a few tips on keeping online respondents engaged and leveraging bulletin board flexibility to ensure that the result is not only a lot of data, but good data.

Engaged Respondents

  • Skilled moderators establish a connection with all respondents – making the research quasi ethnographic.
  • A range of tools (multi-media, creative exercises, quant , etc) keep interest levels up, while ensuring that the discussion is not a simple Q&A.
  • Open group studies foster respondent collaboration, but are anonymous to help avoid group think.


  • Respondents can participate from any online location – making it possible to include those hard-to-reach segments (i.e. SBOs, C-suite, etc.).
  • Clients/researchers can also participate from anywhere helping keep costs down.
  • With a constant respondent dialogue over a longer period of time, it is possible to test a concept, make changes, and retest – until you feel it is optimized.
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Recent applications of Online Bulletin Boards include:

1. Position Statement Testing – We used a markup tool to capture what resonated the most/least on specific positioning statement, making it possible to create a segmented heat map.
2. New Product User Experience – We captured the clients’ experience as they used a new product in their own office over a period of two months.
3. New Workflow Testing – Internal employees provided feedback on their experience in using a new workflow – giving insights on what did and didn’t work and how the workflow could be improved in the future.

About the Author

Kathrin heads up our market analytics department and has over 12 years of qualitative market research experience including study design, data analysis, and presenting research results to executives worldwide. She also has extensive quantitative market research experience. Kathrin’s primary focus is delivering GEM clients clear, actionable insight from the research projects that the firm leads.