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Jack’s new book, ‘Having “The Talk” With Your Parents About Retirement’ is coming out by year end 2012 from People Tested Publications!

This new book continues to explore Jack’s Four Keys to a Safe Retirement: Financial Preparedness, Health & Wellness, Mental Attitude and Staying Involved.  This book provides a game plan for the adult children of retiring or retired parents to discuss these crucial aspects needed to ensure a safe and lengthy retirement for their parents.

Look for more information on the book coming soon!

Here’s part of the first section from the book:

If you have parents who are in their advanced stages of life, you are aware of the many challenges that exist for them.  You may even have become acutely aware of how these challenges also impact you.

Care giving for a parent or even another elderly family member can make your already harried life even more difficult.

Maybe you’ve had a frustrating chat with a parent that covers the gamut from their burial wishes to how they should get someone to clean their house.

It seems that ultimately we all end up having a conversation with our parents about such things as their financial estate, end of life considerations and living arrangements.  The problem is quite often that we have these conversations TOO late.

Often we have them in times of crisis or when there is little that we can do to change or “soften” the impact of these decisions.  We end up having discussions about living arrangements at times when it’s either impossible or will incur significant financial damage to do what needs to be done. 

Or we have discussions about moving money into trusts when a parent is hospitalized only to realize that a “look back” provision will significantly hinder these plans.  

Let’s not forget those situations that occur after a sibling or family member had an “expectation” that they would receive a certain item or holding of value only to find that different plans were made.  This “unspoken agreement”  results in a lengthy time of “not speaking” among family members.

The reality is that there are many things that need to be considered with an aging parent.

The book that you are holding was written to help the adult child to address these areas of concern for them and their parents.  The intent of this book is two fold:

  • First to give you an overview of what are the areas of concern that an adult child should be aware of for their aging parents.  I’ll cover not just the financial matters of concern but rather, we’ll need to explore these topics in a more holistic manner which will include health matters, both physically and mental, and the need to create, nurture and maintain a social structure for our parents.
  • Second, my goal is to provide you with a mechanism and resource that will allow you to have these conversations at a more appropriate and earlier stage so that proper planning can take place to allow your parents (and you) to enjoy this phase of their lives.

In much the same manner as your parents presented ‘the talk’ to you as children and young adults around topics such as sex, drugs and life, there’s a time (and a responsibility) for you to have ‘the talk’ with them around the topics that are vital to them in their later stages of life.

Just as ‘the talk’ that they gave you took many shapes and forms, so will this ‘talk’.  It may not be the “Hallmark” version of a sit down around the dining room table (but it may be).  It may be a ‘talk’ that occurs in pieces over time, perhaps in the car or on multiple visits.  The point is that ‘the talk’ will occur in many different ways for people.

Although I’ll provide you with some good mechanisms for having ‘the talk’, the reality is that you’ll have to do what feels right and most appropriate for your own situation.

The point however is to do it!  And do it early.


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Jack Tatar, CEO and President of Research, brings over 20 years of experience in the retail, entertainment, and financial services to GEM’s research services. He is a frequent speaker at conferences ranging from customer relationship management, innovative market research approaches and marketing to the online consumer. Jack has also been featured in numerous publications, and has been involved in designing, developing and implementing award winning websites, working with start up businesses and coordinating numerous non profits.